Dr. Parimala Srinivasan (Director Academics, Faith Foundation Global School)

The Teacher of 2012

Is a thorough professional

 Who does his job, no matter

If the child has learnt or not

His only interest lies in completing the syllabus

And being paid handsomely for it.

Gone are the days of the guru

Who was an epitome of knowledge and value

Who tirelessly strove to impart

His limitless knowledge to his shishyas

His entire life was one of devotion

To the most noblest of all professions.

Today coaching classes have become sacrosanct

And are temples of worship

Offering solace to thousands of students

Flocking around them for bettering their performance.

The ‘guru’ and the ‘gurukul’ of yore

Are no longer in favor

Once the backbone of our culture

Now they are no longer in the picture

The guru has lost his respect

And the Gurukul is in disrespect.

Who is responsible for this change?

Is it the generation next?

Is it their attitude?

 Is it the commercialization of education?

Is it the dilution of our value system?

Or, is it the attitude of the teacher?

These are the questions to be asked

For every teacher of 2012 in existence

Teachers, look into your inner self and search your souls

The answers to these questions will come forth

Teachers of 2012

Arise, awake and take action now

Take a vow on this Teachers Day.

To reverse the trend and gain the reverence

To do everything you can

And ensure that the teaching fraternity

Is respected for eternity

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