Dr. Parimala Srinivasan (Director Academics, Faith Foundation Global School)


Adolescence an age of great challenge

Adolescence a period of immense transition

No longer a child, not an adult yet

Who am I ? Where do I fit in?

 Are the questions cropping in

And so

          The dilemma and confusion begins

Too many questions – unanswered

Too many emotions – uncontrolled

Too many feelings-unexpressed

Too many tensions – unresolved

Too many issues – impossible to handle

And so

          The dilemma and confusion continues

Unable to withstand pressures all around

Unable to understand right and wrong

Unable to realize to do or not to do

Unable to know who and what to trust

Unable to choose family or friends

And so


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          The dilemma and confusion multiplies

If only the dilemma can be cured

If only the confusion can be cleared

If only the adolescent can be trained

To stand out and not to be the part of the crowd


          Adolescence would make more sense

          With the adolescent becoming truly awesome.

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